Fisher River Cree Nation
General Election 2015
Statement of the Votes

Name of the Candidate for Chief/Total Votes Received
CRATE, David/By Acclamation

Name of Candidate for Councillor/Total Votes Received
BIRD, Tony/withdrawn
COCHRANE, Carl (Poggy)/283
COCHRANE, Shirley Ann (Rose)/372
COTE (Cochrane), Angie/150
CRATE, Vince/338
KIRKNESS, Cameron/239
MCKAY, Dion/255
SINCLAIR, Della/178
THADDEUS, Darrell/344
WILSON, Barry/183

Elected Candidates

To the office of Chief: David Crate

To the office of Councillor:
Shirley Ann (Rose) Cochrane
Darrell Thaddeus
Vince Crate
Carl (Poggy) Cochrane

This count was diligently conducted in accordance with the Indian Band Election Regulations.